A new video of the clash between the soldiers of Indo-Chinese army came out, you also see


new Delhi. China is constantly engaged in carrying out nefarious intrigues on the border. Not only this, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China at the southern end of Pangong So Lake is also constantly trying to provoke Indian troops. Meanwhile, a new video has surfaced on social media of the clash between Chinese and Indian soldiers. In the video, soldiers of both countries are seen scrambling near the border.

India & China

The video has been tweeted by the South China Morning Post (SCMP) called the mouthpiece of the Chinese government. Although when this video is from, it has not been confirmed yet but it is believed that it is before May, because after that both the countries have increased the number of soldiers in their respective areas.

According to the tweeted video of the South China Morning Post, the place where the clashes between the soldiers of the two countries is from the Galvan Valley region. Because the Galvan River is clearly visible at the place of skirmish. Not only this, the soldiers of India and China are also seen fighting with arms and legs. Some Indian soldiers also have rifles in it but no one seems to be using them. This video is becoming very viral in China.

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It can be seen in the video that the Chinese soldiers are attacking with sticks and ryot shields and are also protecting themselves. SCMP claims that the video first appeared online on 8 September 2020. China’s military source said it is a few months old.

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Let us know that since May there has been an atmosphere of tension between the armies of the two countries. On 7 September, China also fired on LAC after 45 years. China alleged that Indian troops crossed their border, so firing was done to warn. However, the Indian Army has categorically denied this.


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