Big decision of Bangladesh government, now rapists will be hanged, rapists will be hanged in Bangladesh


Dhaka In Bangladesh, a big decision has been taken regarding the Rape Cases. The cabinet on Monday approved raising the maximum punishment from rape to death in rape cases. The Bangladesh Government took this decision after a scandal in the country over the incident of rape.

Government spokesman Khandakar Anwarul Islam said that President Abdul Hamid is going to change the rules related to the Prevention of Women and Children Repression Act by issuing an ordinance. The President needs to bring an ordinance in this regard because the Parliament session is not going on at this time.


Various organizations have been protesting in Shahbagh and other parts of the country since Tuesday over the incident of assaulting a woman in Noakhali and raping another woman at MC College in Sylhet. Bangladesh Against Rape, a forum of student groups, has called for a rally in Shahbagh on Friday.


Currently, the maximum punishment for rape under the Women and Child Harassment Prevention Act of Bangladesh is life imprisonment. If the victim dies in the case of rape, there is a maximum death penalty and there is a provision to pay the fine.


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