China fired rocket missiles near Indian border, used 90 percent new weapons, China rocket missiles fired near Indian border


Beijing The border dispute between China and India (China-India Border Dispute) is increasing. Amidst all this, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has fired missiles very close to the Indian border. Due to continuous firing from rocket launcher, the mountains of Ladakh tremble.

china india

The motive behind this Chinese exercise is being told to create psychological pressure on India. China’s official newspaper Global Times claims that 90 percent of new weapons have been used in the practice.

china india

Global Times reported that the exercise was carried out by the Tibet Theater Command of the PLA. This maneuver is being done at an altitude of 4700 meters. Global Times has also released a video of this exercise.

The video shows the Chinese army attacking in the dark and attacking with the help of drone planes. In this video, the Chinese army is seen destroying an entire mountainous area.

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