China unmatched move to break Hekdoi, sought advice from neighboring countries from India


new Delhi. Given the ongoing tension between India and China, the way America has supported India, the world’s most powerful country, is in front of the whole world. China has also said many times that the interference of America cannot bring moisture to the strained relations between India and China, it will have to be resolved by both the countries. At present, India is capable in its own way to deal with China, but with the coming of America, the condition of China is further diluted. To defeat three more, America is now playing a trick that even China did not know. Let me tell you that now America has sought advice from India about neighboring countries. Not only this, the US is also engaged in improving relations with neighboring countries. Its direct connection is believed to break China’s arrogance.

stephen biegun and s jaishankar

Let us tell you that US Deputy Foreign Minister Stephen Byegan will be on a two-day visit to Bangladesh from today onwards. Baigan visited India on Monday. Bygan also met Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar during this time. After this, the US is now trying to revive relations with India as well as Bangladesh.

Bangladesh And China

The intention that is being told behind this is that through this in the Pacific, America wants to thwart every move of China. The US Deputy Foreign Minister also discussed the relations of the two countries with S. Jaishankar. It is being said that he tried to get opinions from India about India’s neighbor. Byagan talked to India’s Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla and sought to know the stance of neighboring countries, including focusing on ways to strengthen the QUAD security dialogue.

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By the way, it has also been seen that during the Corona period, China has started increasing proximity to Bangladesh. Amidst all this, it is expected that Baigan’s visit will also be meeting Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today. To strengthen the US-Bangladesh relationship, India also encouraged the US to strengthen relations with Bangladesh. Earlier, former Secretary of State John Carrey and Hillary Clinton also expressed their desire to visit Bangladesh. However, that tour was not possible due to some reason.

Trump and Sheikh Hasina

America has been told from India that Bangladesh is moving fast under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina. China is increasing investment in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is buying 80 percent of its defense needs from it. In such a situation, traveling to America becomes more important. India also offered help to Bangladesh for cooperation in this field.


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