China’s insidious move! So the troops deployed in the south were able to construct the northern part of Pangong Lake


new Delhi. India’s experiences with neighboring China are so bad that it is no longer dangerous to trust China. Due to this, India is now keeping an eye on every move of China. Apart from this, now China is also giving a befitting reply to every move. Let me tell you that whatever trick is going on in India China Ladkah Clash, the curtain has been lifted.

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On Pangong Lake Fingers, China is working separately on the North Bank and South Bank. China has cleverly tried to prevent the construction work on its North Bank. It is learned that China is working on the North Bank, while on the South Bank, it has deployed troops.

Regarding this, NDTV has told in its news that they came to know from some recent pictures of Pangong Lake. It is learned that he had accelerated the construction work on Finger 4 and 5 (Pangong Lake Fingers) in July which is still going on. The latest pictures have shown that China has stopped the construction of the Finger 4 at the moment, but it is still continuing with the Finger 5.

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It is believed that this trick of trick China can also be to dodge India. He wants to continue the construction work in the North Bank, venting tension on the South Bank. For this, he has also increased the number of soldiers towards South Bank. According to the news, Chinese trucks and tents are seen just a few kilometers away from the border near Pangong towards South Bank.

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Significantly, the dispute between India and China started in May. In this, China prevented Indian Army and ITBP personnel from patrolling the area from Finger 4 to Finger 8 in the North Bank. Earlier, the Indian Army used to petrol Finger 8. Explain that the dispute is about Finger 4 to Finger 8 only. India believes that the limit is up to Finger 8. At the same time, China says that the border ends at Finger 4. Controversy continues about this.


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