chinese propoganda posted balloon as a depict launchers


new Delhi. There has been constant tension between India and China over the Line of Actual Control (LAC) for the past several months. Not only this, even in the Corona era, China is engaged in executing nefarious intrigues. In the same sequence, every day new posts are being posted in social media for psychological warfare against India, but this time the propaganda of China’s propaganda against India has been exposed.

india china ind china

Actually, China painted the missile launcher-sized balloon to scare it and fill it with air. But the extent was reached when China’s propaganda spreading system started sharing it as a missile launcher. However, a mess exposed his claim and now he is getting gritty.

The balloon, which the Chinese Army PLA had given the rocket launcher, was crushed in one place. When the propaganda system of China realized this, they removed this photo. Now China is getting very gritty in social media. Indeed, many countries of the world deploy fake weapons to deceive their enemy country in war.

The victim of this trick of China became his own system. However, this is not the first time that the air of nefarious activities of China has come out. Earlier on social media, the dragon was fiercely veiled over the video of the viral Chinese tank. Recently, it was seen in this video shared on social media that one of its amphibious tank which can function both inside and outside the water, it sinks itself.

It is said that China is aiming to target Taiwan by way of water. In such a situation, this video questioned its quality.

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