CM Yogi takes stock of development works, emphasizes on promoting organic farming in Bundelkhand


new Delhi. On Friday, Chief Minister Yogi reviewed the development works of Chitrakootdham Circle through video conferencing amidst Corona crisis. During this, he interacted with the MPs and MLAs of the Board and reviewed the latest conditions. In his meeting, CM Yogi took full caution regarding Kovid-19 and directed to speed up and complete the development works. The Chief Minister of the state, in his directive, said that the district hospitals of Mahoba and Hamirpur have been upgraded.

Yogi Meeting bundelkhand Video Conferencing

During the review, CM Yogi described Bundelkhand as an important part of the ‘Self-reliant India’ campaign. Regarding development works in Bundelkhand region, he directed that old ponds under Bundelkhand region should be renovated and an action plan should be prepared for this.

The important points on which CM Yogi gave instructions in the review meeting are:

  • Instructions to use the funds received from mining fund in hospital construction
  • Drip irrigation should be encouraged, dams should be used to irrigate the water available in the Ken-Betwa rivers.
  • A campaign should be conducted to settle land related disputes.
  • Complete pipe drinking water schemes in Chitrakoot Dham Circle in a time bound manner
  • Weekly and fortnightly review of tax and non-tax revenue
  • Instructions to connect Rajapur-Lalapur with Goswami Tulsidas and Maharishi Valmiki by road
  • Upgraded 300 bedded joint district hospital, Banda should be completed with quality within the stipulated time.
  • Under Bundelkhand Expressway and Amrit Yojana, complete the work done in Chitrakoot Circle in a time bound manner.
  • In Chitrakoot, an action plan should be prepared to make the orbit round better and convenient.
  • Through Manikpur to Kalyanpur, the widening and strengthening of the road from Dharkundi Ashram should be completed soon.
  • Aarti on Mandakini river and laser show at Ramghat should be arranged to increase tourism activities
  • A concrete action plan should be made to improve the breed of cows and end the Anna system
  • Instructions to establish L-3 Kovid Hospital in Hamirpur District

Reviewed development works

Let us tell you that on September 4 (Friday), UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanathji reviewed the development works going on through video conferencing at his government residence for the development of Bundelkhand, while continuing the progress of development works even in the Corona crisis. Of. During this, he also interacted with the MPs and MLAs of the Board regarding the development works of the Chitrakootdham Board. He directed all the district collectors of the board to take timely action on the proposals made by the people’s representatives. Along with this, their funds should be fully utilized while carrying out the works proposed by the people’s representatives. Taking full caution in the global epidemic like Corona, he instructed to conduct development works at a rapid pace.

CM Yogi Adityanath

CM Yogi said that public address system should be arranged in villages. The Chief Minister has instructed the district hospitals of Mahoba and Hamirpur to be upgraded and the amount received from the mining fund to be used in the construction of the hospital. Keeping in mind the interests of the farmers, CM Yogi has asked to promote drip irrigation and use the available water in the Ken-Betwa rivers for irrigation by constructing dams. This will also help the farmers and will also make farming easier. Chief Minister Yogi said that the practice of Anna system should be abolished, with this he emphasized on improving the breed of cow dynasty. Emphasizing on the health and variety of cows, Yogi emphasized on many reforms.

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Promotion of organic farming

He said that to promote organic farming, encouraging zero budget farming. Regarding this, CM Yogi said that this will increase the income of farmers and will reduce the cost of agricultural work. In his review meeting, CM Yogi stressed on resolving the ongoing land dispute of farmers and common citizens. For this, he also gave instructions to conduct the campaign. The Chief Minister directed that the cases hanging for several days should be given priority and disposed of. In his talk, he said that, be it any field, or any matter, if the matter remains pending at any stage in it, then the development process is also affected. It is therefore necessary that the pending cases at such levels should be resolved at the earliest. Stressing the need for adopting a better work culture, he said that no table should be pending for more than 03 days on any table. In the subordinate offices including departmental headquarters, the correspondence should not be pending for more than 07 days.

Promotion of tourism in Chitrakoot district

Chief Minister Yogi said that there are vast possibilities of tourism in Chitrakoot district. This needs to be encouraged. Instructing to pursue a comprehensive action plan for tourism development for this, he said that if tourism increases, it will also increase employment opportunities at the local level. Who will play an important role in development. He said that a large number of employment opportunities will be created for the local youth through the Defense Corridor Project. In order to inspect and maintain the quality of the ongoing works in the area, Chief Minister Yogi directed the officers to visit the field and keep an eye on the development works and keep checking the quality from time to time. Directing the development works to be completed in a timely and quality manner, CM Yogi said that timely completion of the schemes reduces the cost, and the benefits of these schemes are received by the public on time. Which ends their problems soon. In such a situation, the ongoing development works should be finished within the time limit.

Facilities to eligible people

He said that community toilets should be constructed in public places on pri ority to complete works related to construction of community toilets and Gram Panchayat Secretariat. The pipe drinking water schemes in Chitrakoot Dham Mandal should be completed in a time bound manner as supply of pure drinking water is very important. Reiterating PM Modi’s statement, CM Yogi said that, Prime Minister’s statement that the availability of pure drinking water keeps the health good and saves the amount of money spent on treatment. While instructing to take fast action towards making the villages clean, Yogi emphasized that the cleanliness does not invite the sick. In such a situation, people remain healthy and healthy. Emphasizing that the developmental works or government schemes being carried out by the government should be given to the person standing on the last rung of the society, the Chief Minister said that it should be ensured that all eligible people have facilities like housing, electricity, pension etc. . Ration card of poor and needy people should be made without any delay.

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Yogi adityanath

Works costing more than Rs 50 crore in Chitrakoot Dham Circle

Instructing to increase revenue collection and review it continuously, he stressed for maximum registration for GST. He also instructed to conduct weekly and fortnightly review of tax and non-tax revenue. Emphasizing to promote water conservation, he instructed to prepare an action plan for renovation of old ponds in Bundelkhand region. On this occasion, the Chief Minister obtained detailed information about the progress of development schemes from the Divisional Commissioners of Chitrakoot Dham Board and District Magistrates of Banda, Hamirpur, Chitrakoot and Mahoba and gave necessary guidelines for the same. The Mandalayukta informed that there are a total of 17 construction works costing more than Rs 50 crore in Chitrakoot Dham Board. Upgraded 300 bedded joint district hospital is being developed in Banda district. This hospital will be completed in 04 months. Also, the Kulpahad Sprinkler Project is under progress under the Bundelkhand Package. This will irrigate an area of ​​2,700 hectares and will benefit the farmers. The Arjun Sahayak project will be completed shortly. With this, people will get irrigation and drinking water.

Giving information about the development works being done in Bundelkhand, the Divisional Commissioner said that the Bundelkhand Expressway project is being constructed at a rapid pace. Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Rural), out of the total target of 16,095 houses of the Board, the remaining 676 houses will be completed by the end of September 2020. Water storage tanks are being installed for water storage so that there are no water problems. This will help reduce the water problem. On the problems caused by people with disreputable wires, the Chief Minister has directed that there should be no dangling wires on the road, they should be arranged. He instructed to construct toran gates at the entry point in the state on the inter-state border. Which will be attractive. Giving instructions to connect Rajapur-Lalapur by road, CM Yogi said that it is a site connected with Goswami Tulsidas and Maharishi Valmiki and is important from the point of view of tourism.

CM Yogi asked to complete the work of Bundelkhand Expressway in a fast and timely manner. He instructed that the highly integrated 300 bedded joint district hospital, Banda should be completed with quality within the stipulated time. Under Bundelkhand Expressway and Amrit Yojana, the work to be done in Chitrakoot division should be completed in a time bound manner. Chief Minister Yogi said that an action plan should be prepared for making the Parikrama Marg better and convenient in Chitrakoot. In the review meeting, the Chief Minister instructed that the widening and strengthening work of the route from Manikpur to Kalyanpur to Dharkundi Ashram should be completed at the earliest. Apart from this, all works under the Water Life Mission should be completed on time. The government is committed to provide pure drinking water, giving benefits of every household tap scheme.

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Yogi adityanath

Revival of Mandakini River

While giving information about the development works to the Chief Minister, the Chitrakoot District Collector said that the Mandakini River is being revitalized. Under this, a large number of jobs have been provided to migrant workers under MNREGA. Apart from this, ‘Meri Chhat Mera Pani’ campaign is conducted in Chitrakoot. Which will help in water harvesting. In the meeting, the Chief Minister said that aarti on Mandakini river and laser show at Ramghat should be arranged to increase tourism activities. This will make the ghat more attractive and will also promote tourism.

Banda District Magistrate Banda informed the CM Yogi that 12 projects costing between Rs 10 crore and Rs 50 crore are operational in Banda district. The Gudhakalan Drinking Water Scheme is almost ready and its physical progress is 99 percent. All the work related to this month will be completed in September 2020. Water supply is being done through pipe drinking water schemes for clean drinking water supply in the district. Under the Har Ghar Nal Yojana, the work of laying 5500 km of pipeline is proposed. Regarding the arrangements for the cows, the Chief Minister directed that cow shelter sites should be made and a concrete action plan should be made for the improvement of the cow breed and to end the Anna system.

Apart from this, District Magistrate Hamirpur informed about the development works that Government College, Sumerpur is being constructed at a rapid pace. Work is in progress under every house tap scheme. Land is being acquired for Bundelkhand Expressway. He said that a proposal to construct an embankment from Yamuna bridge to Betwa bridge via Sangam has been sent for consideration. With its approval, tourism in the district Hamirpur will be encouraged along with the rescue from the tragedy of flood. On the condition of Corona, Chief Minister Yogi directed to establish L-3 Kovid Hospital in Hamirpur district.

Total 07 projects in Mahoba ranging from 10 to 50 crores operated.

The Mahoba District Magistrate present in the review meeting told about the development works being done in the district that a total of 07 projects ranging from 10 to 50 crores are running in the district. 24 villages will benefit from the Badkhera Village Group Drinking Water Scheme. 97 percent work of the state polytechnic pool has been completed.

It is worth mentioning that in this meeting, Chief Secretary RK Tiwari, Agriculture Production Commissioner Alok Sinha, Additional Chief Secretary Home and Information Avnish Kumar Awasthi, Additional Chief Secretary Finance Sanjeev Mittal, Additional Chief Secretary Energy Arvind Kumar, Additional Chief Secretary Panchayati Raj and Rural Development Manoj Kumar Singh, Additional Chief Secretary Agriculture Devesh Chaturvedi, Additional Chief Secretary Chief Minister SP Goel, Principal Secretary Chief Minister Sanjay Prasad, Principal Secretary Forest Sudhir Garg, Principal Secretary Nagar Vikas Deepak Kumar, Secretary Ghost and Miner Roshan Jacob, Information Director Shishir and other senior officers present. Were


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