Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s direct warning to China, said we are ready to go to any extent to protect our sovereignty


new Delhi. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, who reached Russia’s capital Moscow in the midst of a border dispute, has heard China fiercely. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, who attended the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting, met his Chinese counterpart Wei Fenghe. During this time, Defense Minister Rajnath has said strongly that the aggressive cause of Chinese troops is the only reason for tension in eastern Ladakh. Rajnath Singh warned China that if this continues, India is ready to go to any extent to protect its sovereignty.

Rajnath Singh

A statement issued by the Defense Minister’s Office said that India’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, during a conversation with China’s Defense Minister Wei Fenghe, clearly said that the situation that has arisen in East Ladakh is the aggressive behavior of Chinese soldiers. And the result of violations of bilateral treaties. He said that Chinese troops tried to change the status quo on the border. Rajnath Singh also raised the issue of sending a large number of troops from China to the border.

In the meeting between the Defense Ministers of India and China, apart from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting, it was said that India is and will continue to play its responsibility towards border management. India and the Indian Army will never compromise on their sovereignty and integrity. Defense Minister Rajnath said that the attitude of Indian troops towards border management has always been very responsible, but there should be no doubt about our commitment to protect India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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At the meeting, Rajnath Singh advised China that if it wants to have good relations with India, peace and stability will have to be brought along the border. China has to behave in such a way that mutual differences can never take the form of a dispute.


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