Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s sudden visit to Tehran may prove to be a ‘game changer’, furious China


new Delhi. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s visit to Tehran directly from Moscow’s visit may create a new problem for China. It is believed that this move of the Defense Minister may prove to be a gamechanger. Explain that in view of the ongoing dispute between India and China, Rajnath Singh’s sudden stop in Tehran and many other unannounced programs have given a big diplomatic message to the neighboring country.

Rajnath Singh

While the Chinese Defense Minister looked desperate to meet India’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh during the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting, now Rajnath Singh’s visit to Tehran will add to China’s fury. Let us tell you that due to several incidents involving Iran, America and United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the Persian Gulf, tensions in the region have increased, so the visit of the Defense Minister of India to Iran is considered very important. China has provided logistical support to the Pakistani military amid tensions with China on the Ladakh border, so the nefarious plans of China on the northeast and Pakistan on the western border have prompted Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami The conversation may prove to be a gamechanger.

Talking about Rajnath’s program, Rajnath Singh, who went to Moscow, the capital of Russia, was to leave for India on Saturday to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting. Nevertheless he continued his journey to meet the counterparts of the three countries. Rajnath Singh then proceeded directly from Moscow to Tehran instead of returning to India. Iran’s Defense Minister is meeting with Brigadier General Amir Hatami, where he will stay overnight.

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Rajnath Singh

At the same time, if you look at the India-China dispute, China seems to be completely surrounded. It is for the first time that China is looking helpless and offering talks. Sources said China has been restless since occupying a strategic place at the height of the southern end in Pangong region of India. Sources say that this uneasiness of China also appeared in Moscow, when the Chinese Defense Minister, who is considered a Veteran in the PLA, appeared restless to meet Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. He referred to the request made for 80 days and three times during the meeting. They reach the hotel where Rajnath is getting ready for talks. The body language of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh also appeared to be quite effective in front of the Chinese counterpart. Throughout Moscow, the center remained around Rajnath.

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Rajnath Singh met the Defense Ministers of Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan countries in Moscow without a schedule to trouble China. These countries have geographical significance. During the meeting with the defense ministers of the three countries, Rajnath discussed defense cooperation and other strategic issues. After this Rajnath Singh did not return to India and left for Tehran directly from Moscow.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s visit to Iran is considered significant as part of his extended neighborhood for India as well as looking at connectivity projects. China had promised Iran a deal with Arbo Dollar to disrupt the Chabahar project. But India is constantly in contact with Iran to protect its interests.


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