DM sahab, seduced in meeting, said to CMO – ‘donkey’, controversial comments by DM to cmo Raibareli


new Delhi. The case of conflict between the District Magistrate and the Chief Medical Officer in Raibareli district of Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh) has been the subject of discussion on social media. In fact, in the Rae Bareli district, the matter of hiding the corruption of the health department came to the media, then the District Magistrate Vaibhav Shrivastav called a meeting of the health department’s officials, in which the CMO also reached.

IAS vaibhav shrivastav

The atmosphere in the meeting became such that the District Magistrate reprimanded the CMO in the meeting for its prevention. After scolding, the CMO inversely wrote a letter against the DM. Let us know that the scolding of the CMO passed away and he wrote a letter to the Director General of Health against the District Magistrate. Later, after rescue among health organizations, the matter was resolved but the layers of corruption prevailing in the department were definitely opened to the public.

Rae Bareli CMO Sanjay Sharma wrote a letter to the biggest officer of Uttar Pradesh i.e. Director General of Medicine and Health in his department. In this, he told that the District Magistrate called him a donkey, used words like pulling his skin. Later this letter went viral very fast.

DM And CMO Raibareli

After the CMO’s letter went viral, there was a stir in the political circles with the administrative staff. CMO started to be discussed everywhere. When there was an attempt to talk to the CMO about this whole incident, at first he did not pick up the phone. He later refused to talk, saying that the office was not the right place to talk.

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According to the sources, the District Magistrate held a meeting with the officials of different departments as soon as he came in the district and advised the careless officers to improve. Due to the ever increasing cases of Kovid in Rae Bareli, he also called the Health Department for a meeting where he advised the CMO to improve. The absence of a doctor handling food at the time centers in the district was also revealed during the meeting. This annoyed the District Magistrate and he rebuked the CMO for this. He clearly said that what was happening now will not happen and everyone needs to improve, otherwise punitive action will be taken against all.

Please tell that District Magistrate Vaibhav Srivastava has recently taken over as District Officer of Rae Bareli. Prior to this, he worked as a District Officer in Pilibhit and has recently been awarded by the Central Government for ground water work. He is also in the news for his work style. After a full-day incident on Saturday, a letter also appeared in the late evening, in which the PMS of Rae Bareli’s government doctors cleared the District Magistrate, rejecting the allegations of the CMO.

IAS vaibhav shrivastav raiibareli

In fact, the government doctors’ association favored the District Magistrate by not supporting the CMO of his own department because he believes that our seniors do their work in their own way. While the CMO made the same allegations against the District Magistrate. The PMS president said in his letter that saying donkey does not fall under the category of abuse, it is just a word to get his employees to work for which it would not be appropriate to protest in any manner against the district officer.

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