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Skin cannot be beautified only through cleansing or moisturizing, but in our daily routine we use many products ranging from cleansing to moisturizing, toning, serum and sunscreen. But even after using these products, you do not get the results that you want. Have you ever wondered why this happens. There are mainly two reasons behind this.

Cleansing or moisturizing is not enough to take care of the skin. You will need toner to spot character and sunscreen etc. Therefore, it is very important that in between applying two products, give it time to absorb in the skin. Also, before applying the second product, let the skin breathe for some time so that that product benefits your skin, not harm.

Choosing the wrong skin care product and not applying it correctly. Since nowadays every skin care product is written on what kind of skin it is designed for, you do not have to worry. If you still have a dilemma, you can choose an all skin type skin care product. Such products work for all skin types. Now the question of choosing the wrong skin care product does not arise. Then comes the second mistake, that is, to not apply the skin care product properly.

There is no definite time for how long a gap should be given between two products. Just you have to keep in mind that whatever product you are applying. It should be dry after applying on the skin. When the product is not visible on the skin, it means that it is absorbed inside the skin. Now you can apply another product on the skin. It may take a few seconds and a full minute.

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