Maharashtra government failed to check the spread of Corona, is trying to control Kangana


new Delhi. Political agitation is intensifying in Maharashtra. When the film actress Kangana Ranaut raised her voice against the government, a new bulldozer of BMC went to her newly opened office. Kangana started being heavily threatened by Shiv Sena (Shivsena). When Kangana reached Mumbai Airport, Shiv Sainiks showed him black flags. Leaders of all other parties, including the Shiv Sena, are verbally attacking Kangana one by one. Senior Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut was so stunned by Kangana’s statements that he did not even make a vulgar remark for Kangana. While the BMC is trying to justify the sabotage in Kangana’s office by citing the law, the Shiv Sena kept the title of what it wrote in its mouthpiece Saamana ‘uprooted’ just a day later. Even after all this, the Shiv Sena government is justifying the action in this case, even when Maharashtra is the most infected state in the country with Coronavirus. The Shiv Sena-based alliance, which has Sharad Pawar’s NCP and Congress party partners, seems to be less focused on handling the worst of Corona in the state and more in responding to Kangana.

uddhav thackeray

Corona records are being recorded in Maharashtra every day, but now the government is not talking about it. But politics has definitely intensified regarding Kangana. Let me tell you that the Shiv Sena-controlled BMC broke the alleged illegal construction of Kangana’s office, after which Kangana has been attacking Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. The entire Maharashtra government has gathered to control Kangana, but the state government is not able to curb the increasing proliferation of Corona.

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There are witness figures of how the situation in Maharashtra is worsening due to Corona. On Wednesday, more than 24 thousand new cases of corona were reported in the state. There is a new record of patients exposed in a day. On Wednesday, 23 thousand 816 new cases were reported in Maharashtra. Three days earlier, 23 thousand 350 new cases were reported in one day. Now the total number of patients in Maharashtra has reached close to 1 million. This epidemic has made Maharashtra worst in the whole country. But Uddhav government can be seen focusing more on Kangana Ranaut’s case than this.

Kangna ranaut and Uddhav Thackeray

Regarding the matter, former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis also said that if Uddhav government was putting as much capacity on the issue of Kangana Ranaut, if 50 percent of it was put into battle with Corona, then many people would not have lost their lives. The Maharashtra government feels that their fight is with Kangana and not Corona. How many people are dying from Corona but the government is not worried about it.


Now once we look at the situation arising in Maharashtra from Corona. The total number of patients in Maharashtra is 9 lakh 67 thousand 349, out of which 27 thousand 787 people have died. On Wednesday, 325 people died in Maharashtra. So far, more than 7 lakh patients have been cured, while the number of active cases is more than 2 lakh 61 thousand. More than 65 thousand cases have been reported in Pune alone.

sanjay raut kangana

The BMC, which broke Kangana Ranaut’s office after 24 hours notice, is failing to stop Corona. In the country’s financial capital Mumbai, 2227 new cases were reported on Wednesday and 43 people died. Now the total number of patients in Mumbai has crossed 1 lakh 60 thousand, in which about 8 thousand people have died.

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Now look at the corona testing once in the state. In the state where Corona has so many active cases, only 48 lakh samples have been tested in Maharashtra. Out of this 9 lakh 67 thousand people have been found infected. That is, about 20 percent people are infected. More than 16 lakh people are quarantine, while more than 37 thousand different government places have quarantine. Meaning that the government is not paying attention to testing, otherwise it would have helped to control the corona in the state.


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