Metro service starts in normal way from today, these guidelines will have to be taken care of


new Delhi. Metro (Mtero) service was stopped across the country including Delhi and Lucknow due to Coronavirus epidemic and lockdown in the country. But today i.e. on Saturday 12 September, the metro service has started again in the normal way.

Violet Line JLN Metro

Now the metro in Delhi will run from the old timings i.e. 6 am to 11 am. Along with this, the airport line which has been closed since March has also been started from today.

Airport line also starts today

However, the corona virus guidelines for travelers will continue for the time being. According to Delhi Metro, the monthly passes issued on the airport line, which were not in use due to lockdown, will be valid for the rest of the days. Delhi Metro has said that in order to avoid crowds at peak hours, there is an appeal from the passengers to travel in non-peak hours as well.

On Saturday morning the DMRC tweeted saying, “With the resumption of the Airport Express line, all the lines of the Delhi Metro network are now open!” Remember to follow the directions while traveling. “

Delhi metro

Know guidelines before the journey of metro

The DMRC has issued the necessary guidelines to travel in the metro. Which you need to know. Passengers must wear masks for the journey, so that the nose and mouth remain covered. Before boarding the train, they have to sanitize their hands with a sanitizer placed on the platform. Metro Railway has asked the passengers to use smart cards as the token will not be available at the moment, they will also have to download the Arogya Setu app.

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