Nepal came with India to the United Nations on this issue, gave a statement that Pakistan and China will get Mirchi !, nepal pm calls for broad consensus on terrorism


new Delhi. In the past, relations between India and Nepal have been concerned about the border dispute, but even after this, the period of help for Nepal from India continued. After all this, a statement of the Prime Minister of Nepal has come to the United Nations that China and Pakistan will not like at all. Actually, India has always been advocating for all countries to unite on terrorism. In this way, with the call of India, on Friday, the Prime Minister of Nepal K.P. KP Sharma Oli at a high-level meeting of the United Nations called for the adoption of a Comprehensive Consensus on International Terrorism (CCIT). Addressing the meeting via video conferencing, Oli said that Nepal strongly criticizes all forms of terrorism and wants a broad consensus on terrorism soon.

KP Sharma OLI

Pakistan will not like this statement of Nepal

KP Sharma Oli said that only innocent civilians are hurt by terrorist activities. It should be strongly criticized. Obviously, the way Pakistan keeps getting upset about terrorism, in such a situation, Nepal will not like this statement. At the same time, Nepali PM has made full preparations to annoy China with his statement.

KP Sharma oli

Nepali PM’s silence over Indo-China border dispute

Let me tell you that Nepal did not bother to speak even on the India-China border dispute. In a previously recorded speech, the Nepali PM did not mention India, China or regional issues. But at the same time said that Kathmandu will maintain friendly relations with all its neighbors. He said that non-alignment, the five principles of peaceful co-existence, international law and the norms of foreign policy of the World Peace Guide. These are fundamental factors in Nepal’s foreign policy.

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KP Sharma Oli

Let me tell you that in the way China is always kind to Nepal, in such a situation, Nepal said that instead of favoring China in the United Nations, to maintain friendly relations with all its neighbors, that too is not much for China. Will come However, Nepal avoided speaking against India.


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