On the first day of the monsoon session, PM Modi said this big thing on the ongoing border dispute with China


new Delhi. On the very first day of the monsoon session of Parliament, PM Modi reached the Parliament through his message and boosted the morale of the soldiers posted on the border. Let us know that this message is very important in view of the ongoing border dispute with China. On the other hand, regarding the session of Parliament called during the Corona period, PM Modi said that it is being organized under special circumstances.

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Let us tell you that amidst the ongoing border dispute with China, PM Modi said, “Today, while the brave soldiers of our army are standing on the border, with great courage, emotion and high spirits, they are standing in the inaccessible hills. The faith with which they are standing, is determined to protect the motherland. This house will also send a message that the country is standing behind the army personnel. ” In his address, PM Modi’s message is clear that instead of protest in the House, the gathering should be displayed.

Regarding the Parliament session, PM Modi said, “The Parliament session starts today in a specific environment, there is also corona, duty also and all MPs have chosen the path of duty. I congratulate and thank all the MPs. There will be many important decisions in this session, many topics will be discussed. ”

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He said, “We have to follow the vigilance which has been informed about the situation which is made of corona. And it is also clear that there is no laxity unless there is medicine. ”

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He also said to media persons that you will get the news but you will also be careful and take care of yourself and others in this corona crisis. Apart from this, PM Modi said that this session of Parliament is being organized under special circumstances. In the situation which is made of corona, we have to follow the vigilance about which we have been informed. He clearly said that unless the medicine is there, there is no laxity, it has to be taken care of.

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Regarding the corona vaccine, PM Modi said that, we want the corona vaccine to come as soon as possible and develop the vaccine from any corner of the world. Let our scientists succeed and get everyone out of this problem.


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