Rahul Gandhi told Modi government ‘ostrich’, people put class


new Delhi. Former National President of Congress, Rahul Gandhi is very active on social media platform Twitter. They are fiercely targeting the Modi government through tweets. In the last few days, Rahul attacked the Modi government over the economy. In a tweet on Monday too, Rahul lashed out at the central government for the Corona situation in the country.

Rahul Gandhi

He shared a video of the news related to Corona. In its caption, Rahul wrote that, “Modi government makes the country an ostrich instead of finding a solution to the crisis. The country is ahead in every wrong race – Corona infection figures or GDP decline. “

People put his own class on this tweet of Rahul Gandhi. One user responded by writing to Rahul that, “Congress has no work left except to wander the country and countrymen in the wrong way during the crisis, whether it is to provoke migrant laborers on the streets during the Corona period or NEET- JEE students should stand against the government despite their hard work. “

At the same time another user wrote that, “If you had knowledge of GDP and security of the country in advance, then in 2014, people do not understand the need to throw you out of power, right?” “

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Mayur rahul gandhi tweet

Apart from this, one user has tightened the tussle with the ongoing tussle within the Congress.


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