Rahul Gandhi’s attack on the center, said- GST destroyed the economy


new Delhi. Continuing an aggressive stance towards the central government, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government over the GSAT (GST). He alleged that this was the second major attack for the unorganized sector of the economy and its flawed implementation caused the economy to collapse. In the third video of the series, Rahul Gandhi said that GST was the idea of ​​the UPA government. A tax, simple tax and simple, but the NDA made it complicated.

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul said, “There are four different taxes in the GST implemented by the NDA government. Tax is up to 28 percent and is very complex. Tax is very difficult to understand. ” He said that those who are small and medium businesses can not only pay this tax, while big companies can easily fill this tax, they can hire five-ten accountants.

Rahul Gandhi said in question, “Why are these four different tax rates in the country. This is because the government wants that the person who has access to GST can change it easily and the person who does not have access can not do anything about GST. If 15-20 industrialists of India have access, then whatever tax law they want to change, they can easily change in this GST Regime. ”

Rahul said, “This GST is a complete failure, it is an attack on the poor and small and medium businesses.” GST is not a tax system, it is an attack on the poor of India. There is an attack on small shopkeepers, small and medium businesses, farmers and laborers. “

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The Congress leader said that we have to recognize this attack and together we have to stand against it. He said, “What is the result of NDA’s GST? Today the government of India is not able to give GST money to the states. The state is not able to pay state employees. ”

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul released his second video on Wednesday, alleging that demonetisation was an attack on India’s poor, farmers, laborers and small shopkeepers and termed it an attack on India’s unorganized economy.

Rahul Gandhi said that demonetisation did not wipe out black money as claimed by the Prime Minister and it did not benefit the poor and benefited from India’s biggest billionaires.


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