Subrahmanyam Swamy made this claim with regard to students, but the Union Minister himself responded by exposing


new Delhi. These days Subrahmanyam Swamy is spewing fire against his own party. Many of his tweets have been seen which keep questioning the Bharatiya Janata Party. In such a situation, Subrahmanyam Swamy questioned the Modi government about the JEE examination held in the first week of September in the middle of the corona period, and said that, the examination conducted in such condition has completely failed.


On Wednesday, he wrote in one of his tweets that, ‘I have statistics on how many students took the JEE exam last week. Out of the 18 lakh students who loaded the pass, only 8 lakh reached the examination. It is a shame for a country that is full of knowledge and knowledge. ‘

Subramaniam swammy

Subrahmanyam Swamy got the answer

Responding to this tweet by BJP Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy, Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank Karara in the Modi government completely rejected this claim. Pokhriyal responded by saying that the data given by Swamy is completely wrong. In his tweet, Pokhriyal wrote that, the figure of 18 lakhs given by Swamy is wrong. He said that a total of 8.58 lakh students had applied for JEE (Mains).

pokhariyal tweet on swami

The Education Minister wrote that, ‘Out of 8.58 lakh students, 6.35 lakh students appeared in the examination. The Central and State Governments have provided all possible help to the students, for which I also commend the State Governments. This whole effort demonstrated a sense of collaborative federalism. ‘

Education Minister also wrote

In his tweet, the Education Minister also wrote that this exam takes place twice a year and the last examination was held in January. He argued that many students who did not appear in the examination, it is possible that they did better in the January exam and they did not feel the need to take the exam this time. He said, “We are also ascertaining those (non-test-taking) numbers.”

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Praising the Modi government, the Education Minister wrote, ‘Our NDA Government has always been ready for the interest of students and their safety. We will always work in the interest of our youth.

It is not that Swamy is raising the ante against the exam for the first time, before this, Swami had made a tweet on August 21 about these exams. In which he wrote, ‘If these exams happen then (students) will commit suicides.’ For its postponement, he had cited writing a letter to PM Narendra Modi and talking to the Education Minister. However, the government did not take his point very seriously and the JEE examinations were completed on time. It is worth noting that after the JEE examination, now the NEET UG 2020 examination is to be held on 13 September.

Apart from the reply of Education Minister Pokhriyal, see how people responded to Subramanian Swamy…


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