Taking a dig at the government and the media, Rahul said – ‘All is healed,’ then the answer was – ‘Addicts, you wake up?’


new Delhi. Former Congress National President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday took a jibe at the Modi government and media on Twitter and spoke on issues like GDP, employment. He said that the ‘planned fight’ of the Modi government against Kovid pushed India into the abyss of troubles. Apart from this, Rahul attacked the central government and accused him of losing 120 million jobs.

Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi

He wrote in his tweet that, ‘Modi government’s’ planned fight’ against Kovid pushed India into trouble: 1. 24% historic reduction in GDP 2. 12 crore jobs lost 3. 15.5 lakh crore additional stressed Debt 4. Kovid’s most daily case-deaths in the world but GOI and media say ‘all healed’.

rahul gandhi tweet modi government

While some people supported him on this tweet of Rahul, many people have started taunting him. One user wrote that even Rahul was called an addict. He wrote that, addicts, you woke up !!? Wake up early in the morning and speak cute to addicts in our language !!

Mayur on rahul tweet

At the same time, a user wrote on the tweet of Rahul on the Shiv Sena’s goonship in Mumbai, “The former naval officer in Mumbai was attacked by Shiv Sena goons and the Congress is also a partner of power in Maharashtra. You are ashamed to speak on this issue or should sit silently to lick the power of power. “

See what kind of answers you got on this tweet by Rahul ..

Earlier, on Friday, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi surrounded the government on the issue of China. Rahul accused PM Modi that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the government are avoiding taking the responsibility of taking China out of our land. In his tweet, Rahul wrote that, ‘The dialogue with China should only be about restoring the status quo of March 2020. The PM and the Government of India have refused to take the responsibility of taking China out of our land. Apart from this, other ‘talk’ is useless. ‘

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