The central government is thinking about protecting more vulnerable people than Corona


new Delhi. The outbreak of corona is now increasing in India. Talking about corona cases, there have been a total of 48 lakh 46 thousand 428 cases of corona across the country, out of which 9 lakh 86 thousand 598 active cases. At the same time 37 lakh 80 thousand 108 people have also been cured from this epidemic. Please tell that due to this deadly disease, 79 thousand 722 people have lost their lives across the country.


In such a situation, the Union Health Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, told about the Corona vaccine, that the Central Government is considering that those who are most vulnerable to Corona should be given the Corona vaccine in emergency if needed. Dr. Harsh Vardhan has given this statement on Sunday Sunday program. During the dialogue, a person named Santosh Kumar told the Health Minister that those who are most at risk from Corona should be allowed to use the vaccine in emergency. On this, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said that the Government of India is considering.

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The Health Minister said that if there is a consensus in the government, then people whose immunity is weak or who are most at risk, especially health workers, people working in high risk places and senior citizens have given permission to use the vaccine in the emergency. May go. Regarding the vaccine trial, the Health Minister said that normally the Phase III vaccine trial takes 6-9 months, but if the government agrees, the decision to reduce the time limit for emergency use of the vaccine It is possible. However, use in emergency will be allowed only after looking at all the safety aspects of the vaccine.

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Let us know that more than 90 thousand new cases of corona are coming in the country. According to data released by the Ministry of Health on Monday Corona in the last 24 hours in India 92 thousand 071 new cases were reported and 1,136 deaths occurred. In such a situation, people are eagerly waiting for the vaccine.

During the Sunday interaction program on whether the vaccine will be safe at the moment, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said that once the vaccine is available, if the need arises to give confidence to the people, they themselves will not hold back from using it on their own. The Health Minister said that it is expected that the results of the vaccine trial will be available by the first quarter of 2021, efforts are also being made to produce the vaccine simultaneously so that it does not waste time after the vaccine is developed. .

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By the way, PM Modi had announced from the Red Fort about the vaccine, work is going on on three vaccines inside the country too. Repeating the same, the Health Minister also said that currently more work is being done on 3 vaccines in India and the vaccine that India Biotech and National Institute of Virology is making is currently in the most advanced stage. The corona vaccine that Bharat Biotech is preparing is named Covaxin and its Phase III trial has started.


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