The Chinese Army will give up sixes, this weapon has increased the strength of the Indian Army by leaps and bounds


Jabalpur. Tensions continue over the India-China border dispute in India-China. This tension further increased after the attack on the Indian Army by the Chinese Army for the second consecutive time. However, amidst this conflict, a good news has emerged for the Indian Army and for the country’s defense sector.

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A few months ago, the testing of the powerful 155 mm Sarang Gun in the LPR range of Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh) has been successful. These advanced cannons were being tested in Jabalpur’s LPR range for a long time.

300 Saranga cannons to be handed over to Indian Army in 3 years

The special thing is that the upgrading of these guns is going on in Jabalpur’s GCF ie Gun Carriage Factory and VFJ ie Vehicle Factory Jabalpur. In the coming 3 years, 300 Saranga cannons are to be handed over to the Indian Army. 7 Sarang has been found to be almost completely successful in the first batch. In this connection, the officers of the army have also seen the unmatched strength of this powerful cannon. When tested in the LPR range, it has been successful in every standard.

cannon sarang test in jabalpur

7 Saranga almost completely successful in the first batch

Significantly, the country’s army is eagerly waiting to include Sarang in its fleet. This will increase the strength of the army.DGQA has also carried out quality control tests and firing before handing over advanced saranas to the army. In the test it has met all the standards and Sarang Gun has also achieved the targets set during its testing. In a simple ceremony, Colonel AK Gupta SQL Jabalpur and Rajesh Chaudhary General Manager GCF handed over the inspection note of the Sarang Cannon in the presence of Brigadier IM Singh and Brigadier J Carr, said the factory’s PRO Sanjay Srivastava. On the occasion of handing over inspection notes, there was a lot of enthusiasm among the military officers and factory management.

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cannon sarang test in jabalpur2

Characteristic of Sarang Gun

PRO Srivastava said that after handing over the inspection notes, now only after getting the green signal from the army, they will be posted directly on the borders of the country. The specialty of Sarang is that it can war 155 mm 45 caliber 40 km, even in the dark, it is capable of accurate shooting even on high mountains.


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