The might of the Indian Army showed again in Ladakh, control over important peaks in Pangong


new Delhi. In the midst of the Indo-China border dispute, the Indian Army has once again displayed its valor and shattered China’s pride. Explain that the Indian Army is completely ready to beat the trickster China and is giving a befitting reply to China on every front. Meanwhile, the Indian Army has taken many important peaks of Finger 4 under its control.

LAC Ind China Laddakh

Explain that the Indian Army has taken control of the important peaks in Pangong. At the same time, on 8 September, Chinese soldiers tried to sneak into the Indian border on the western side of Pengong Lake, riding on motorboats, not returning from their antics, but returned after seeing the Indian soldiers. A day before this, Chinese soldiers had come to capture the Mukherpari hill of Chushul but were repulsed by Indian soldiers.

India & China

Let us know that Finger 4 is located in the southern shore of Pangong Lake. Now the Indian Army can strengthen up to Finger 8. Although the Chinese Army is still present on Finger 4, the Indian Army has captured important peaks. However, the advantage of this might of the Indian Army will be that the Indian Army can now easily monitor the activities of the Chinese Army.

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