The wheel of this ministry of Modi government did not stop even in the Corona era, made this big ‘record’


new Delhi. In the Corona era, where the work of every department, ministry has been broken, a department of the Modi government has set a big record in terms of work. Let me tell you that when everything came to a standstill in the Corona era, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways was engaged in the construction of roads on a war footing and broke the record of the last three years.


Let us tell you that between April and August, the Ministry has set a new record of construction of roads. While Nitin Gadkari’s ministry has built twice as many roads as the target in the Corona era, the ministry broke the three-year record for awarding highway construction work. Anyway, Nitin Gadkari’s department has been working relentlessly in itself. For this, they are also praised by people on social media.

haryana road inaugration

In fact, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had targeted to build a total of 2771 km of highways during April to August this year. Despite the adverse circumstances of the Corona period, 3181 km of highways were built four hundred kilometers above the target. In this, the State Public Works Department (PWD) constructed 2104 km, NHAI 879 km and NHIDCL constructed 198 km highway.

Gorakhpur Link Expressway

The special thing is that till August 2019, there was 1367 km National Highway Construction Award, while this time more than doubled 3300 km National Highway Award by August 2020. Ministry officials said that despite the Corona epidemic, between April and August, 744 km of highway was commissioned with a total amount of 31 thousand crores. This is the highest in the last three years.

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