To give a befitting reply to China, the Indian Army increased its dominance over the important peaks of East Ladakh.


new Delhi. On one hand, China (China) is pretending to have a peace deal with India (India) to make the world visible. India, on the other hand, continues to attack LAC. However, he also gets a befitting reply from India and has to face every time. In view of these nefarious antics of China, the Indian Army has increased its dominance in East Ladakh.

East ladakh

In fact, sources said that the Indian Army has increased its control over several important peaks in the eastern Ladakh region to keep an eye on the Chinese bases around Pangog So area. At the same time, brigade commanders and commanding officers of the two armies held separate talks to reduce tension in the area.

He also informed that Finger 4 to 8 has Chinese presence on the northern shore of Pangog Lake. Additional forces have been deployed in the mountain peaks and places of strategic importance around Pangog So to keep a close watch on the Finger-4 Chinese occupied areas. The mountain range is called as Finger.

Amidst all this, sources said that the two armies held separate talks between the commander-in-command as well as the brigade commander level in the general area of ​​Chushul. The purpose of the conversation was to reduce stress. The special thing is that since the end of August, the Indian Army has dominated many important peaks at Rejang La and Rakin La on the southern side of the lake.

East ladakh

For the sake of information, tensions in East Ladakh have increased a lot after the fresh clash between Indian and Chinese forces at Rejang La on Monday evening. After which the Indian Army said on Tuesday that the Chinese army tried to go near the place of deployment of Indian troops and opened fire in the air near the southern shore of Pangog Lake in eastern Ladakh last evening. Bullets were fired along the Line of Actual Control after nearly 45 years. In the midst of all this, India has given strict warning to the Chinese soldiers that they should not try to cross this barricade.

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