Troubled by Kangana’s statement, Sanjay Raut started threatening, said my courage…


Mumbai. The controversy between Kangana Ranaut and Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut on the statement comparing Mumbai to PoK is increasing. Sanjay Raut has once again threatened that he should not try to test my courage.

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Actually, on Sunday, he has tweeted. In which he wrote, “I have turned many storms before.” In the caption of this tweet, he wrote ‘Jai Maharashtra’.

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Kangana had earlier accused Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut of threatening her. After this, Sanjay Raut responded yesterday. Shiv Sena leader said on Kangana Ranaut’s statements that she is lying, Shiv Sena does not threaten anyone, Shiv Sena responds by getting on the road. Mumbai was given a lot to Kangana and she is now working to discredit the name of Mumbai and Mumbai Police all over the world.

Kangana and Sanjay

What did Sanjay Raut sayThe

Sanjay Raut said in his statement, “You (Kangana) have tried to insult Maharashtra.” Mumbai has given you name, fame, money, respect and everything. So far, you live here, depending on the Mumbai Police, if you throw this kind of mud on the same police, what policy and rules is this? ”

Raut said, “Who will threaten him (Kangana), what is the need?” who is it! A woman is an artist, I respect her, but why threaten her. It is a woman, if someone speaks against them, it is a crime, but this woman is speaking out loudly against anyone.

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What did Kangana Ranaut say?

Earlier, Kangana Ranaut had accused Sanjay Raut that Raut has threatened to not let him come to Mumbai. Kangana Ranaut had given information about this by tweeting and said that it looks like Mumbai Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Kangana wrote in her tweet, “Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut has openly threatened me and asked me not to come to Mumbai. First Mumbai’s streets were raised with slogans of independence and now it looks like Mumbai-occupied Kashmir.


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