Uproar over UP, BJP at stake, SP’s prestige, Congress, BSP too


new Delhi. All the parties are preparing in their own way regarding the by-elections to be held in eight seats of Uttar Pradesh Assembly. But in the present scenario, the reputation of BJP and SP is at stake. At the same time, Congress and BSP have nothing to lose, but there are definitely expectations from the by-election. If the Congress and the BSP succeed in one seat, both will have a basis to target the government and show their strength in the 2022 election.

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If we talk about Swar assembly seat, then elections are being held due to cancellation of membership of SP leader Abdullah Azam. SP will not want to let this seat go at any cost. Efforts are on to confirm Abdullah Azam’s candidature in the by-election. He is currently in jail. He is facing a case of manipulation of documents.

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On the other hand, the BJP also does not want to leave any stone unturned. His first attempt will be how to wrest Azam Khan from the Swar assembly seat. The BJP has started churning out the 6 seats it has occupied. For this, almost all the faces from the government to the organization have decided to give responsibility. Their deployment will also be done soon. At the same time, SP is churning on Swar and Malhani seats. The SP wants to win both seats at any cost. The BSP has also started strategizing for this. Some people have also been given responsibility for this. The chief sector in-charge of the by-election has been given the responsibility. The SP has also decided to put some people in the constituencies.

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Of the eight seats to be held in Uttar Pradesh, Tundla of Rojabad, Swar seat of Rampur, Bangarmau of Unnao, Malhani of Jaunpur, Sadar, Bulandshahar of Deoria, Ghatampur seat of Kanpur and Naugawan seat of Amroha.

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Senior political analyst Rajiv Srivastava said that the UP government has worked for more than three years. People will check it. Since 2014, the challenge for the opposition is to make room for itself amidst the continuous Modi wave. For this, they have to make a ground strategy. The by-election is said to be of the ruling party. Rampur and Malhani seats are definitely tough for BJP. The remaining seats should not be troubled by the BJP. Yes, for this, he should select the right candidates. If the Opposition gets one or two seats, then there will be a warning for the BJP, to correct its work.

Siddhartha Dear Srivastava, Congress’s Uttar Pradesh administration in-charge, said that the party is preparing for the by-election. A meeting will be held regarding this. The public will take action against the misrule of the state, definitely it will be successful.

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BJP state minister Dr. Chandramohan says that the entire state is with the BJP under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi. The divisive people have been exposed. Under the leadership of party president Swatantradev, all the workers are working together. The opposition is just blaming. The people will give their love to the BJP more firmly in the state this time like before.


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