When 21 Sikh soldiers killed 10,000 Afghans, the story battle of saragarhi


new Delhi. Saragarhi is an outstanding example of valor and indomitable courage in the pages of Jung’s history. At the Battle of Saragarhi on 12 September 1897, 21 Sikhs did the same, whose example is still given today. More than 10 thousand Afghan soldiers were dusted off by just 21 Sikhs. This war wrote a new story of sacrifice and valor. A Kesari film starring Akshay Kumar was also made on the battle of Saragarhi. Who wrote a new success story.


The fort of Saragarhi is situated at an altitude of about 6000 feet in Kohat district of Pakistan’s northwest frontier. In the 1880s the British built three garrisons there but the Afghans opposed it. Because of this, the British had to take iron from the Afghans. The situation became such that later the British had to vacate this place. In 1891, the British campaigned again and were allowed to build three small forts at Gulistan, Lockhart and Saragarhi. After this, the British would have to face opposition from the Afghans.

Between 27 August and 11 September 1897, the Afghans made several attacks to capture the fort of Saragarhi. But each time the 36th Sikh Regiment destroyed their plans. Finally on 12 September 1897, 10 thousand Afghans attacked the fort of Saragarhi.

Saragadhi Kesari

It was morning, the date 12 September 1897, to evacuate the fort from the British, 10,000 Afghans surrounded the fort from all sides. Signal Incharge ‘Gurmukh Singh’ informed Lieutenant Colonel John Haughton as soon as the attack took place. It was difficult to reach the fort immediately. The soldiers received orders to stand at the front. Lansanayak Labh Singh and Bhagwan Singh lifted their rifles and broke down on the enemies. Lord Singh, who was moving forward after firing the enemies with a bullet, became a martyr.

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Sikh army soldier Gurmukh Singh told the British officer- ‘Even though we are reducing in number, now we have 2-2 guns in our hands. We will fight till the last breath ‘, saying that he too jumped into battle. On the other hand, with the encouragement of the Sikhs, there was a stir in the ranks of the enemies. Seeing the attitude of a handful of Sikhs, the Afghans realized that a large army was present inside the fort. Due to these attitudes, the Afghans were getting emboldened.

Saragadhi rare pic

The Afghans wanted lakhs to break the fort wall but they could not succeed in their plans. Havildar Isher Singh with his team raised the slogan ‘Jo Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal’ and broke down on the enemies. There was a stampede among the Afghans. The number of Sikhs was also decreasing now, but the courage was still as strong. More than 20 enemies were killed by unarmed Sikhs who clashed on both sides. It was morning to night fighting and finally all 21 soldiers were martyred. But by then he had killed around 500 to 600 Afghans. This battle exhausted the enemies and their strategy had also failed. As a result, he lost to the British Army within the next two days.

The threat of this battle of 21 Jaban Sikhs echoed in the British Parliament. The British Parliament ‘House of Commons’ praised the bravery of these soldiers for these brave Sikhs. All 21 martyred soldiers were awarded the Victoria Cross on par with Param Vir Chakra. This battle of Saragarhi is still remembered in Britain. At the same time, the Sikh Regiment of the Indian Army celebrates ‘Saragarhi Day’ every year on 12 September.

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