Yogi government engaged in decorating and grooming Ayodhya, will spend more than 2000 crores


new Delhi. Ayodhya is ready to regain its lost glory. After waiting for nearly five centuries, Ayodhya is getting ready for future needs after the construction of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi temple in Ayodhya. The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh is spending more than 2000 crores on the rejuvenation of Ayodhya. In the future, the number of tourists will increase after the construction of a grand temple on the birthplace and the construction of the statue of Lord Shri Ram, the world’s tallest building. According to the government’s estimate, during 2020 to 2031, this number will have tripled ie from 2 to 2 crores to 6-8 crores.

According to an official in Ayodhya, the visitors should get better facilities, have a good and indelible image of Ayodhya on their hearts and minds, discuss it with others so that they too come to Ayodhya, Ayodhya is being prepared for all this. If all the departments are combined then there is a preparation for the rejuvenation of Ayodhya with two thousand crore rupees.

At present, many development works are going on for integrated tourism at a cost of Rs. 258.12 crore by the Department of Tourism. Some have also been completed. Apart from this, a proposal of 200 crores to the Central Government for construction of theme based gates on all major entry routes, development of parikrama paths, renovation of pools, construction of tourist facilities, parking, construction of passenger facilities and food courts etc. To be sent to the center soon.

Ayodhya Tretayug
Apart from this, a new Ayodhya is also to be built. Such Ayodhya which is the coordination of Vedic and smart city. For this, the Uttar Pradesh Housing-Development Council has also identified 639 acres of land. At present, the beautification of Rama’s paadi in Ayodhya, the civil works of the Fad Saad (Main Gate) Improvement here, the multipurpose hall, the expansion of the Guptar Ghat and Lakshman Fort Ghats and the Ramkatha, the restoration of the tomb of King Dasaratha has been completed. Work is underway to create chhajans, multi-level car parking, bus stands, beautification of the Queen-Ho Memorial and up gradation of the Yatri Niwas for those traveling around Panch Kosi. Housing and Urban Planning Department, Public Works, City Development and Urban Planning, Irrigation and Hydropower, Energy and Alternative Energy Department are also working for the rejuvenation of Ayodhya. Combining all these works, the central and state governments are going to spend more than Rs 2000 crore on the development of Ayodhya.

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Hotel industry likes Ayodhya

The market is the first to realize the possibilities of a city. If tourists come to Ayodhya, then their stay should also be arranged in their budget. In view of these possibilities Ayodhya has become a preferred destination for investment for the hotel industry. After the introduction of new tourism policy in 2018, 20 proposals have been received for the government there. It has 12 budgets, 3 heritage and the rest of the normal hotels apart from a hotel and a resort. With the creation of the new Ayodhya, the big players of the industry will also come to Ayodhya with their luxury brand.

Ayodhya Ram Temple

Chief Minister Adityanath Yogi said, the present state government is working with full commitment for the overall development including basic tourism facilities in Ayodhya. The Central Government is getting full support in the efforts of the State Government. He said that to accelerate the development of Ayodhya, it is necessary to complete all the projects within the stipulated time frame by taking quick decisions at every level.


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