Yogi government’s action continues, now another building of Atiq Ahmad being demolished in Prayagraj


new Delhi. Yogi Government These days, the mafia is wreaking havoc on criminals. The days of people like Mukhtar Ansari and Atiq Ahmed, who are called Bahubali of Purvanchal, are doing extremely bad in this government. Due to a good hold in the previous government, all these Bahubali leaders used to open their own free will, but in the Yogi government, they are no longer running.

Atiq Ahmed And Mukhtar Ansari

Explain that the Yogi government is taking swift action on illegal property. Due to this, the process of demolition of illegal property of Bahubali Atik Ahmed is still going on. The team of Prayagraj Development Authority has reached Nawab Yusuf Road along with the team force. Atik Ahmed’s building is built here without a map. A food restaurant factory was running in this building. Action was taken to remove the goods before demolishing them.

CM Yogi Adityanath

Officers of the Prayagraj Development Authority arrived to carry out demolition operations from four JCB machines. The illegal factory was running on Nazul’s land in 500 square yards. PDA zonal officers, SDM and police force are present on the occasion. The force of Cantt Police Station, Civil Line Police Station and Dhumganj Police Station is deployed on the spot.

It is noteworthy that the Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA) has started demolishing the illegal assets of Atiq Ahmed and his close ones. In the same sequence, on Saturday, a building belonging to Atiq’s close relative Imran in the civil lines area of ​​Imran, the land occupied by crores of rupees was demolished from JCB.

atique ahmed

Please tell that the building occupied by Atiq’s brother-in-law Imran was demolished from JCB. If the administrative authorities are to be believed then more such action will be taken against the land mafia. Explain that the administration had demolished the illegal construction of Mukhtar Ansari in Mau of UP. The administration demolished the illegal slotter house on Greenland land.

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