Actor's elder sister Kamal Kapoor passed away amid rumors of Shaktimaan aka Mukesh Khanna's death

Mukesh Khanna (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Kamal Kapoor, the elder sister of television’s famous actor Mukesh Khanna, died today. Recently, after rumors of actor’s death flying everywhere on social media, he himself came forward and told the truth to the people and said that he is completely healthy and alive. Now the news came that the elder sister of the ‘Shaktimaan’ actor said goodbye to this world.

Mukesh Khanna posted this sad news on his Instagram and wrote, “Yesterday I struggled to tell the truth of the false news of my death. But I did not know that a terrible truth was hovering over me. Today my only elder sister Kamal Kapoor died in Delhi, I am very sorry for her death, we all families have come in a hurry. After defeating Kovid in 12 days, she lost to the congestion of the langs. Do not know what the above is accounting. Really, I am shaken for the first time in my life. Ashrapurit Naman, emotional tribute. “

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Let me tell you that Mukesh Khanna had said in a conversation with the Times of India that after rumors of his death started flying, he started getting calls from friends and relatives, due to which he and his family had to suffer a lot.



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