After Govinda, KRK named Arjun Kapoor as the real man of Bollywood

Kamal R Khan and Arjun Kapoor (Image Credit: Instagram)

Kamal R Khan, who has targeted people by calling himself a film critic, has been on target for the last few days. Since the release of the film Radhe, the news of her feud with Salman Khan is becoming increasingly viral. Meanwhile, Kamal is also seen thanking many stars on social media. Earlier KRK had taken the name of Govinda and thanked him. After which he is now calling Arjun Kapoor his special friend and calling him the real man of Bollywood.

Tagging Arjun Kapoor on social media, Kamal R Khan wrote that thank you very much Arjun brother for your call and long conversation. I have understood that in Bollywood only you are my real friend and only you are the real man, who is not afraid of anyone. From now on I will not review your films negatively.

Obviously, after this tweet, Kamal is once again on the target of the users. Because neither on behalf of Govinda nor Arjun Kapoor has given any response to these claims of Kamal. In fact, in the midst of the ongoing quarrel with Kamal Salman Khan, we are taking the names of those stars, who have been reported to be fighting with Dabangg.

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