Andrea Meza of Mexico wins Miss Universe 2020, winning the title by giving such reply on COVID-19

Andrea Meja (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Andrea Meza Crowned Miss Universe 2020: The winner of Miss Universe 2020 was announced today where Andrea Meza of Mexico took the title to her. In this grand event held in Florida, former Miss Universe Jojibini Tunji crowned Ye Andrea as Miss Universe. In this event, Julia Gama of Brazil was the first runner-up while Janick Maceta of Peru was the second runner-up. Along with this, Adline Castelino of India and Kimberly Perez of the Dominican Republic were the third and fourth runners-up.

It is a matter of pride for the country that Adeline Castellino of India made her place in the top 5 here in her Confidential style. It is worth mentioning here that Andrea Meza of Mexico was asked the important question related to Kovid-19, by answering which he won the hearts of all the judges. She was asked that if she had been the leader of the country, how would she have dealt with the Kovid-19 epidemic?

In response, Andrea said, “I think there is no one appropriate way to deal with it.” I would have made some important decisions regarding the Kovid-19 which would have included lockdown as well. Due to this, we have lost many of our people and in this way we cannot afford to position the situation. So I would take care of them from the beginning. “

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After this Andrea was asked what beauty meant to him? On this, he said, “For me, beauty is something that comes not only from the soul but also from the mind.” We are in a fast progressing society and along with this our mindset of stereotyping has also increased. That is why we should pay attention to our behavior and behavior and should not give anyone the right to make anyone feel invaluable. “


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