Anupam Kher taunts Modi government for the first time, said- it is necessary to save more lives than creating images

Anupam Kher and PM Modi (Image Credit: Instagram / Facebook)

Bollywood actor Anupam Kher is counted as the supporters of the Modi government. Many times on social media, they also remain on target of the users in the circle of praising the government. But in this crisis of Corona epidemic, Anupam Kher has criticized the Modi government for the first time. He said that the government has failed anywhere in the Corona crisis. They should understand that more important life is to be avoided than making an image. Anupam Kher has said these things in his interview to a TV channel.

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When Anupam Kher was questioned about creating the image of this government and the corpses flowing in the rivers, he said that I think it is right to criticize in most of the cases. I think that at this time the government should do the work for which they have been elected. Only an insensitive person does not mind such things. Dead bodies flowing in rivers. But other political parties should also not use it for their own benefit.

Actually Anupam Kher has been a big fan of the BJP government. His wife Kiran Kher is an MP from BJP. But for the first time he has criticized the government. While personally Anupam Kher is helping in ventilators and oxygen concentrators through Heal India in the corona epidemic.

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