Arshi Khan's statement, said - people are ready to do anything to participate in Bigg Boss

Arshi Khan (Image Credit: Instagram)

Mumbai, June 9 : Actress and ‘Bigg Boss’ star Arshi Khan feels celebrities create unnecessary controversy to participate in reality shows. Arshi told IANS, “There is always a misconception among celebrities that if they indulge in cheap controversial acts, it makes them eligible to enter the Bigg Boss house easily.

When the show passes, we get to read a lot of controversial news. About quarrels between Khushi, married couples, rape cases and stupid social media statements. It’s fun to see how people can fall.” Khan feels that ‘Bigg Boss’ is a big opportunity, but the audience is smart enough to understand the personalities of the people on the show. Also read: Rakhi Sawant did yoga wearing a hot sports bra, fans were stunned by the video

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She says “There are many contestants who have participated in the show, but today they are nowhere. There are also some whom the audience refers to as ‘Bibi Wale’. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and one needs to be very careful while participating. It’s really not easy to fool the audience.”


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