Asim Riaz gave a special gift to the fans in rapper style, released his great music video on Eid

Photo Credits: Instagram

Asim Riaz Back To Start Music Video: Aseem Riyaz, who has dominated the young generation due to his fit body and hot personality, has brought a special surprise for the audience today. After winning the hearts of fans as an actor and performer, Aseem is now trying to establish his identity as a rapper. The actor has today released a music video of his new rap song ‘Back to Start’, in which he is seen in a very interesting style.

With this song, Aseem is going to make his debut as a rapper for the first time. The actor has today announced the release of his Rip Song on social media. While giving this information on Instagram, Aseem wrote, “My first rap song on this Eid will force you to go back to start.”

His fans are also looking very excited about this song of Eam. In this song, the actor is seen to express his feelings openly about the struggles and ups and downs of his life. Aseem himself wrote and performed the “Back to Start” song.

Aseem says, “If we put a vision around us, we see that everything is changing and such a good change is being adopted. I had ‘Back to Start’ since 2015 but I wanted to decorate it until I made it ready to present to the audience. I am very excited that it is being released. On this Eid, I wish that all people have the strength to accept change and move forward in life. ” ‘Back to Start’ released by Sony Music India is now available on all streaming platforms.

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