Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon said- Delhi is almost panting for breath

Raveena Tandon (Photo Credits: Instagram)

New Delhi: Actress Raveena Tandon says that she is troubled by the lack of oxygen in the capital amid the second wave of Covid, and has decided to send oxygen cylinders to the city herself. Raveena opens Oxygen Service on the Wheels, Mumbai to Delhi (On The Wheels Mumbai To Delhi), Where she is sending oxygen cylinders to the capital through her non-profit organization Rudra Foundation. Raveena Tandon to Begin Shooting: Raveena Tandon to shoot web series in Dalhousie

Raveena told IANS, “Just look around you, don’t you need to do anything or just sit and tweet. As you can see, Delhi is almost gasping for breath, and this is the initiative of some people who think like me. “

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Raveena Tandon said, “I have so far delivered 300 cylinders to the needy people. We are trying to collect money for Banki, whether it is our friends or someone else who has extra money. We are not pressurizing the people, the common man should come forward and donate. At this time, everyone needs to save for the emergency they can face. “

Not only is there a shortage of oxygen, but people are also being forced to pay exorbitant prices for medical needs. Talking about the same, the actress says, “Whether it is an ambulance or hospital, oxygen, oximeter, concentration, the amount of money that is being collected is ridiculous. People in dire need of these things are desperate. ” However, she says that this initiative has helped her a lot. She says, “I am getting support from a lot of people.”

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