Bollywood producers are gearing up against the fight against Coronavirus, will provide free vaccination to their members

corona vaccine
(Photo Credits: ANI)

The only way that is visible in the ongoing war against Coronavirus is the vaccination of everyone as soon as possible. In such a situation, everyone wants to get themselves immunized in the fight against Corona as soon as possible by getting the vaccine. vaccination That this campaign is now becoming a wave in Bollywood too. All the organizations are now going to start the campaign to vaccinate their members as soon as possible. The Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association, the largest body of Bollywood producers, is going to get the vaccine free of cost to all its members. IMPAA has announced this.

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According to the news, after the year 2005, if any producer has not been able to renew his membership for some reason, then he can also take advantage of this scheme. Whereas if a producer wants to get his wife also vaccinated, then he will have to pay 500 rupees separately.

Whereas the Screen Writers Association, in collaboration with Netflix, has taken the initiative to provide free corona vaccine to Bollywood writers. For this, the members will have to go to the IMPPA office in Andheri. Vaccines are being administered here on a first come, first served basis.



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