BOLLYWOOD: Troller compared Sonam Kapoor’s dress to ‘Kasata Ice Cream and Cashew Pistachio’


Sonam Kapoor’s style sense is of Kamal, whether it is to make a new look or to follow a new fashion, in every thing, she is seen with such confidence that the fashion experts cannot live without being praised but many times they are troll’s targets But it also happens when Sonam reached an award show in a completely new style

Sonam Kapoor arrived at the Hall of Fame Awards in the year 2019, but Sonam’s dress became her trouble.

Sonam Kapoor wore a very heavy gown for the show, her crew members were also disturbed in handling this gown with bubblegum pink and neon green color combination, this gown was designed by the Greek fashion designer for special Sonam Kapoor. did

Sonam’s pink and neon green color combination was not special, everyone was sweating in handling such a heavy dress and people did not like this dress at all.

Although this dress was perfect in every way, but its color combination came on the target of the troller.


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