Cyclone Taukate caused havoc on Ajay Devgn's film Maidan, causing heavy losses

Ajay Devgan (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Cyclone Tauktae caused devastation and wreaked havoc in many places across the country. In many places, including Mumbai, Gujarat, people were upset due to this natural disaster. If the electricity service was fragmented, then there was loss of life and property. Now the news has come that due to this storm, the shooting set of films has also faced a lot of problems.

According to an E-Times report, Cyclone Taukate has also caused a huge havoc on the sets of Ajay Devgn’s film ‘Maidan’ (Maidaan). The storm completely destroyed the film’s set. Ajay was about to shoot a large part of this film here but now the condition of this set has deteriorated.

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The report quoted sources as saying that when there was a storm on the set, there were about 40 people there. He tried his best to save it but his hard work proved futile. Let me tell you that this is the second time when the film’s set has suffered in this way. This high maintenance set on 16 acres was removed in May 2020 due to Kovid-19 lockdown and rain.

Many outdoor scenes of this film have been shot in Kolkata and Lucknow. The producers of the film ‘Maidan’, Boney Kapoor and Amit Sharma (Director), intended that after the lockdown was lifted on May 31, 2021, they would be shooting the remaining parts for the next 15 to 17 days. But now their intention has been revived.



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