Earn love by doing good!  Woman expressed respect by tying rakhi to Sonu Sood, video outside actor's house viral

A crowd of fans gathered outside Sonu Sood’s house (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Sonu Sood is getting a lot of love from not only his fans but also the countrymen. From the social media, the fans of the actor are seen pouring their love on them everywhere. Keeping in mind the social work of Sonu, a large crowd of people are seen outside his house too. If someone comes to ask for help from them, then someone says thank you to them.

A video of Sonu Sood is seen on Instagram today, in which it was seen that there was a crowd of people in his house, including women. As soon as Sonu comes to the gate, people meet him and during this time a woman is seen tying a rakhi to him. The woman tied her rakhi to Sonu and received her blessings.

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Seeing this unwavering love of the people, Soni Sood was also very happy. Recently, a video of the actor was seen in which a person was seen bowing his head on the ground. It was told that due to the help received by Sonu Sood, that person had to get a job after which, while expressing his gratitude to him, that person had come to meet him.



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