Ekta Kapoor's agency managing Alt Balaji's social media issued a statement apologizing

Shahnaz Gill and Alt Balaji (Photo Credits: Twitter)

In the matter of liking the objectionable meme regarding Shahnaz Gill, Autum Gray, the agency managing social media of Ekta Kapoor’s Alt Balaji, apologized and took all responsibility for the mistake. The agency said that it is their fault to like Mim associated with Shahnaz and they blame themselves for this.

With this, the agency said that Alt Balaji was not to be blamed but in this case, and his intention was not to hurt anyone. The agency assured that they took strict action for this mistake so that such things do not happen again in future.

The friendship of actress Shehnaaz Gill and Bigg Boss 13 winner Siddharth Shukla (Sidharth Shukla) is also well-liked by his fans. In the show too, he entertained the audience with his bonding and often news about their relationship is also read in the media. Siddharth will soon be seen romancing Alta Balaji’s show ‘Broken But Beautiful 3’ with actress Sonia Rathi. On this, some people are trolling Shahnaz on social media saying that Shahnaz will be jealous of Siddharth and Sonia’s closeness in the show.

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With this, the trollers also made a vulgar meme on Shehnaz, which Alt Balaji knowingly and unknowingly liked. Now Shahnaz’s fans have flared up on social media regarding this matter. People say that a reputed OTT platform like Alt Balaji should not like and endorse objectionable memes in this way.

The angry fans have expressed their anger against this by trending the hashtag #ShameOnAltBalaji on Twitter. Fans have reprimanded Alt Balaji for sharing the screenshot of the tweet he liked and demanded an apology from him.

People said that it is extremely humiliating and condemnable to like the indecent mime made against any person in this way. People are also reducing the ratings of ‘Alt Balaji’ on Google Playstore and are expressing their anger against it.

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