Followers decreased on Anupam Kher's Twitter, asked this question by tweeting

Anupam Kher (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Veteran actor Anupam Kher on Thursday alleged that his followers on Twitter have come down drastically in the last 36 hours. The actor tweeted revealing the figures and said that he is curious to know whether it is a technical glitch or something.

Kher on Thursday tweeted, “Dear Twitter and Twitter India. I have less than 80,000 followers in last 36 hours. Is there something wrong with your app or is something else happening!! This is an observation. No complaints yet..”

On the work front, the actor is all set to anchor and narrate the upcoming documentary film ‘Bhuj: The Day India Shook’, the trailer of which was released earlier this week.

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The documentary is about the devastating 2001 earthquake and captures survivors, rescuers, journalists, photographers. The film is scheduled to release on June 11 on Discovery Plus.


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