COVID-19 Controversy: Doctors furiously listening to Sunil Pal's abuses and writing to Home Minister Amit Shah demanding arrest

Sunil Pal (Photo Credits: Instagram)

COVID-19 Controversy: Comedian Sunil Pal released a video questioning the role of doctors in the Corona era, in which he expressed his anger towards her by calling them devils, thieves and dishonest. On the one hand, while Corona cases are increasing rapidly across the country, Sunil Pal expressed his displeasure over the doctors due to lack of beds, oxygen and medicines in the hospital. Now, objecting to Sunil’s allegations, the doctors have sometimes opposed it.

The doctors have now written a letter to the Home Minister Amit Shah demanding Sunil’s arrest. The doctors of AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science) have written this letter to the Home Minister. In this letter, the doctors wrote that they are doing their best to save the patients and despite risk of infection, they are working to risk their lives.

Despite this, Sunil Pal is questioning the role of doctors in his videos and is using abuses against him. For this, taking appropriate action against Sunil Pal, keeping in mind the dignity and respect of the health fraternity.

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Here, Sunil shared the letters written by the doctors on Twitter, writing, “A letter sent by the doctors to me, Home Minister Amit Shah ji. What do I recommend? ” Talking to ABP News, I Sunil said, “I have not taken the name of the doctors of AIIMS. By the way, they do not treat the poor because the poor cannot reach there. Somewhere, Kovid-19 patients are being left destitute in a hospital, while elsewhere arbitrary money is being sought. The whole work is done by thieves and the devil because God does not do it. “

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Talking further, Sunil said, “I had said openly that 90 percent doctors are thieves but 10 percent Aj is also good. So you keep yourself in 10 percent of them. You are keeping yourself at 90 percent, meaning you feel something about yourself. “


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