Irrfan Khan did this to help corona patients before saying goodbye to the world, wanted to keep it hidden from the world

Irrfan Khan (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Irrfan Khan’s First Death Anniversary: One year has passed since Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan passed away. Today, on the occasion of his death anniversary, many people including his family are remembering him and saluting him for his contribution to Indian cinema. Today, the country is badly entangled in the Corona crisis. India needs financially and financial assistance. Do you know that Irfan Khan, who is battling cancer, raised his hand for COVID-19 (COVID-19) patients before his death.

However, Irfan did not want to disclose this to anyone. Corona knocked in India early last year and the situation was getting worse day by day. In such a situation, Irfan started collecting money for Corona patients.

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This fact has now been revealed by Irrfan’s friend Ziaullah. He told that Irfan had placed a condition in front of him that no one should be aware of this. The actor believed that when you do something with the right hand, then the left hand should not be aware of it. Jiahullah said that despite being a big Bollywood actor, Irtan was not just a boast and he used to behave like a common man.

Let me tell you that on the death anniversary of Irfan, son Babil Khan has posted an unseen photo of him on social media, in which he appeared to make a chair for himself. Posting this photo, he also wrote a sentimental note for his father.

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