Johnny Lever's daughter Jamie Lever's wrist inflicted on her wrist, said this big thing on social media

Jamie lever
(Photo credits: ANI)

Mumbai: Jamie Lever, the daughter of Bollywood’s best comedian Johnny Lever, is also entertaining people by doing comedy like a father. Jamie is always active on social media and keeps posting different types of videos. Jamie is also making a name for herself in the field of comedy like her father. Recently Jamie shared a picture on her Instagram in which her wrist was bandaged. Jamie’s fans will get upset knowing that the actress has suffered a deep wrist injury. Johnny Lever did a bang dance with the kids, giving a social message – Don’t touch me

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Let us know that Jamie Lever has shared her picture on social media. Jamie is seen bandaged on Lever’s wrist. In the caption accompanying this picture, Jamie wrote, ‘My loved ones, I had a small accident last night, which has caused some deep wounds on my wrist. Because of this, some of my stitches have also started. Fans also gave their reactions on this.

Jamie’s injury looks like an attempt to cut the vein, so before any such rumors would fly, Jamie wrote clearly at the end of his post, ‘Hey Baba, I have not tried to suicide, have you guys also… . ‘ Jamie Lever has appeared in ‘House Full 4’ and comedian Kapil Sharma’s film ‘Kiss-Kiss Ko Pyar Karoon’.

Jamie further writes in her post that I am not going to be able to do more social media posts to forgive me. I had ideas to make some videos to entertain you, I was working on the same but I am afraid that now I will not be able to use my hand much now. But my best effort will be to stay connected with you.

Jamie also said that if she had agreed to her mother, she might not have felt this wound. Jamie further wrote, ‘I feel very silly and I should have obeyed my mother about it. But I did not listen to them. I got a lesson, and you all take care of yourself and be safe. Follow my mother’s words. I’ll be right back soon. Thank you all of you wholeheartedly for all that you gave me so much love.


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