Karan Mehra narrates the story after being released on bail, said- Nisha Rawal is mentally ill, conspiracy hatched against me

Karan Mehra Nisha Rawal and Kavish Mehra (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Karan Mehra-Nisha Rawal Controversy: TV actor Karan Mehra was released on bail by Mumbai Police today in a case of a quarrel with wife Nisha Rawal. He was arrested by the Goregaon police on the late night of June 1, after receiving a complaint from his wife Nisha. Karan and Nisha had been hearing news of a dispute between the past few days while supporting each other in married life for 9 years, after which this truth has now come to the fore. Now after bail and release, Karan told that there has been such a mess between them that they had also decided to get divorced.

Karan told the media while narrating his objection, “We were struggling with problems in our married life and were looking for a way out of it. A few days ago we came to such a point where we decided to break away from each other. We were deciding that whatever will be good for our child, we will do. On May 31, I was talking to my wife about how we would distribute things and we had a difference of opinion on some things here. He wanted more than I could give. I tried to convince him and said that I will do whatever is better for my child in future. During this, we had a debate, after which Nisha went to the surface of her brother Rohit Sethia. That night she came back and threatened me that if I did not listen to them, she would drag me to court. “

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Karan further said, “Those people cannot keep me captive, so I told them to do whatever you want to do. After this Nisha came to my bedroom, we were sleeping in different rooms. She came in the room and started shouting at me and said I will ruin your life. I calmly explained to him that he should go to his room and not behave like this. I did not want to talk at that time. I got up and started going to the bathroom when he suddenly started banging his head on the wall and said, now see what happens. Actually, Nisha has mood swings and she is filled with anger. She also hurts herself by throwing stuff several times. 5-6 years ago, Bipolar disease was found in them. My family and friends have also seen their behavior in public and I cannot tolerate all this. “


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Karan said in the organ, “I feel sorry and he is using his poor girl card. People in the industry knew me and also know what I have done for this marriage and how much I have tried for Nisha. Today I am not in the position that I can give what I want and I get it? When life was wonderful, you used to enjoy and today we have a bad team, then we should deal with it. But it has to be different. I have also accepted separation, but things take time. Bring Karan on the road and we get all the money, this is the plan. How will I live if I give him my all. “[मानहुआहैऔरवोअपनीबेचारीगर्लकार्डकाइस्तेमालकररहेहैंइंडस्ट्रीमेंलोगमुझेजानतेथेऔरयेभीजानतेहैंकिमैंनेइसशादीकेलिएक्या-क्याकियाहैऔरनिशाकेलिएकितनीकोशिशेंकीहैआजअमिनेइसस्थितिमेंनहींहूंकिजोउसेचाहिएवोदेसकूंऔरमुझेयेमिलताहै?जबजिंदगीशानदारथातुमएन्जॉयकरतेथेऔरआजबुराटीमेहैतोहमेंइससेनिपटनाचाहिएलेकिनउसेअलगहोनाहैमैंनेअलगहोनेकीबातकोभीमानलीहैलेकिनचीजोंकोसमयलगताहैकरणकोसड़कपरलाओऔरहमेंसारेपैसेमिलेयेप्लानहैअगरमैंउसेसबकुछअपनादेदूंतोमैंकैसेजीऊंगा”

Karan and Nisha have got cameras installed in their house due to servants, but the actor claims that Rohit Sethia had switched off the camera just before the quarrel. Due to this, there is no proof of what Nisha did. They called the police and I also called. The police came and they understood the truth. I am not aggressive and told Nisha to swear on your child but he did not do so. ”



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