Salman Khan vs KRK: Afraid of court case, KRK asked for help from Salim Khan, said- Case does, will delete video

Kamal Rashid Khan, Salman Khan and Salim Khan (Photo Credits: Instagram)

KRK Apologizes to Salman Khan and Salim Khan: A few days ago, the self-proclaimed film Critical Kamal Rashid aka KRK shared a review video about Salman Khan’s film ‘Radhey: Your Most Wanted Bhai’, in which he ridiculed the actor from his age to his age. Salman did not like this and he filed a defamation case on KRK. Now after the case has been filed against him, the attitude of KRK is seen to be loosening.

KRK requested Salman Khan and Salim Khan, tweeting that they did not intend to harm Salman or his films and they did so only for fun. If Salman has reservations about this, then he will not review his films from today onwards. With this, KRK assured that he will delete his Radhey review video. But the case against him should be withdrawn.

KRK wrote on Twitter, “Salim Khan sir, I have not come here to ruin Salman’s films and his career. I only review films for fun. If I had known that Salman had a difference with my review, then I would not review his films at all. They would have told me that I should not review their film, I do not. “

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In his next tweet, KRK wrote, “So you don’t have to file a case to stop me from reviewing the film.” Salim sir, I have not come here to make you sad. I will not review his films in future. Please tell them not to proceed with this case. I will also delete my review video. Thank you, Salim sir! “

KRK is aware of the words made for Salman in his review video and that is why he knows this very well that if this case goes ahead, then who will be harmed in it.


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