Malaika Arora's COVID-19 was caused by bad condition, strong body made of such a strong body.

Malaika Arora (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Bollywood actress Malaika Arora is famous for her fit body and hot personality. People are convinced of their fitness and often ask them for physical fitness tips. During that period of Kovid-19 epidemic, he has encouraged people by telling the story of their corona struggle. The actress told that after coming to Kovid-19 positive, her body was broken and she had to struggle a lot to get a fit body from the back.

Malaika told that despite this she did not give up. His body was not supporting him and in this situation it was very difficult for him to do workouts. But with his determination, he prepared himself back and strengthened himself physically. The actress has posted her hot photo on social media, in which she is seen wearing a sports bra and short paints.

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Posting this photo, Malaika wrote, “What is the definition of strength? ‘How lucky you are, it will be easy for you’ These are some of the things that I listen to everyday. Well yes I am thankful for many things in my life. But there has been a small contribution of luck in this. And posture? My brother, it was not so. I found Kovid positive on 5 September and it was very bad. Whoever said that Kovid recovery is easy, either his immunity is good or he is not familiar with Kovid’s struggles. I have gone through this and ‘Asan’ was not the word I chose. It physically broke me. It was difficult to walk even 2 steps. “

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Malaika told that it was a journey in her to stand up, step outside the bed and stand near the window. She was completely weakened and her stamina was over. On 26 September, his Kovid report came negative but his weakness remained. But he worked on himself.

The actress said that she came to Kovid Negative now 32 weeks have passed and due to her hard work, now she is feeling much better than before. After reading this post of Malaika, many celebrities including Amrita Arora, Sophie Chaudhary, Diya Mirza and Maheep Kapoor have praised her.



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