Milind Soman runs daily after winning the battle with Corona, wrote this thing by sharing a photo

Milind Soman (Image Credit: Instagram)

Actor-model-fitness enthusiast Milind Soman has been running five to six kilometers a day since the Covid-19 test came back negative. Milind posted an Instagram picture running shirtless, which was clicked by wife Ankita. Milind wrote alongside the image in which he is wearing sports shorts, sneakers and sunglasses. “My first 10K post covid! During 62 minutes, comfortable, maximum heart rate runs 142. I have been running 5-6 kms every day since I got my negative report on 5th April.”

He also answered questions posted by fans on running.

Milind wrote: “1. For running, I wear either a five-fingered Vibram, or Luna sandals. I find closed shoes uncomfortable, I can’t walk in my natural form. 2. For me, it’s not the soft/hard surface that matters, the technique matters. Run slowly. 3. Running properly and regularly strengthens the legs and is good for the knees.”

“4. If you are starting/resuming/getting sick/overweight, start with a very slow pace and a short comfortable distance. Regularity is the key to improvement. 5. If I am running 5-6 kms then I do not need any special diet in a day. If I am running 50-60 km in a day then I may need to eat more.”

He added: “6. I don’t use sunscreen. After running, if the sun has gotten really hot, I apply a little curd to my face, and when it dries, wash it off with water. Skin looks good, tan looks amazing.

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