Nayattu Kunchacko Boban Malayalam Movie Review & Rating:

Nayattu Malayalam Movie Review

: Nayattu Kunchacko Boban Joju Geroge Nimisha Sajayan Malayalam Movie Review and Rating: Theaters in Kerala were vacant last summer and Vishu was the time when Kovid was in full swing. They all stopped soon after the protocol was implemented. But for more than a year now, Malayalam cinema is slowly regaining ‘normalcy’ with a long list of Vishu films.

The question also arises as to how long this can continue in the event of a recurrence of Kovid. However, two weeks of mass release are passing. Malayalam cinema is filling the theater and OTT stage with various stories and characters.

‘Hunting’ features Martin Prakat returning after a long hiatus. Martin Prakat, who left the film industry after the superhit film ‘Charlie’ released in 2015, is making a comeback with ‘Nayati’ after a long absence of five years.

The story of ‘Nayati’ has been experienced by Kerala society in many ways. Kerala has several times witnessed the police lockup torture of Rajan and Naxalite Varghese in the Emergency and the subsequent Nedumkandam and subsequent legal proceedings in which the accused eventually fled in favor of the rule of law. Film interpretation of such stories has taken place in many forms. If the mentality of the victim and the family has always been the subject of films, ity ‘Nayat’ presents the subject in a different way.

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‘Victim’ is also a top-down overview of a legal system that goes through many faults. The film deals with several pertinent issues, including three policemen who are brought by law to illegal arrest and torture as a result and then sentenced to life imprisonment, their escape, life, humanity and wrongdoings of the state. is. Films with similar views have been made in Malayalam cinema since Shaji N Karun’s ‘Peeravi’. Over the years, the contemporary relevance of ‘hunter’ remains great.

Jojo George, who made the transition during her acting career with Joseph ‘, took a more flexible level of her acting skills with Manian’s character. Jojo George was able to easily convey the body language of a police officer just like in previous films. He is capable of acting all the exciting scenes in his most serious nature.

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If you see a lighter part of the old police roles played by Biju Menon in Jojo, then you can’t be wrong. In the usual police stations on the outskirts of Kerala, the character is living a dissatisfied but wild and indifferent life from some real policemen.

Kunchacko Boban arrives as Pravin Michael. Contrary to his usual style, Kunchacko Boban is able to transfer the rigor of police uniforms to some extent. Fans can expect Praveen Michael to play a more notable role in his career.

Nimisha Sajayan plays the role of Anita, a female police officer who is one of the latest generation of Malayalam cinema actresses. Through this character, she was able to rise from folk characters she had worked with so far with a ‘professional’ personality.

‘Nayati’ cannot be seen as a thriller film. It exposes the prejudices of a trapped administrative world. It also indicates that Shakti is class-based and exploitative.

The songs composed by Anwar Ali and composed by Vishnu Vijay are full of features and fun to listen to. The song can boast of a folk effect. Like previous films under the direction of Martin Prakatya, ‘Nayati’ is shining. Shyju Khalid’s camera stands in such a way that killed the film. After ‘Joseph’, the screenwriter can be proud that ‘Nait’ written by Shahi Kabir is as good as the Joseph ‘.

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It is not known whether it can be said that ‘Nayatu’ remains the sentimentality of the new Malayalam cinema. But it has the character of films after two millennia. The film is based on the excellence of the script and the director. This has to be a challenge as there are many examples in the film that touch on the subtle elements. But the success of ‘Atti Nayatti’ is that those who worked in the film industry were successful in overcoming that challenge. Through technology and acting possibilities, ‘hunting’ crosses its small boundaries.

Produced by Ranjith and PM Sasidharan under the banner of Gold Coin Motion Picture, the film’s box office capacity will depend on the upcoming Kovid expansion and new protocol that is likely to be followed.


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